A Unique Technical Solution in the Field of Collaborative Robots


Advanced Use Robotic Arm, or “AURA” for short, certainly lives up to its name. Inspired by human interactions, the system brings the features and benefits of cage-free, collaborative robots to high-payload operations  throughout the manufacturing process.


Under its layer of protective foam, AURA is equipped with sensors designed to “sense” and react simultaneously to its proximity to humans and its environment, as well as contacts and their intensity. Matched with laser scanners and an integrated vision system, AURA becomes the first truly “sensitive” robot and can be safely installed in any position without presenting innate risks to nearby equipment or workers.




  • High payload management
  • Fully collaborative robotic systems
  • Collision prevention
  • Collaborative hollow wrist technology on the NJ4 model
  • Technology unaffected by vibration

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Anonymous, Corporate and Executive Management including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Executive VP and GM
The NEW Comau Aura, brings advanced safety functionality, higher performance, and helps further reduce foot-print on any robotic work cell. This is "best in class" compared to other collaborative robotic and stand-alone safety systems. The AURA is optionally added feature to the standard Comau robot, which makes robotic safety planning, installation and final integration easier.