Abarasive-Resistant Continuous Processor


Readco Kurimoto is offering its Continuous Processor in abrasive-resistant designs. Developed to allow batch processors using abrasive materials to operate 24/7 in a continuous process, these Readco Continuous Processors feature optional, wear-resistant, replaceable liners and hardened screws and paddles to meet performance targets while guarding against product contamination and minimizing maintenance needs. The durable liners, screws and paddles may feature tungsten carbide, Hastelloy, Inconel 625, Stellite, carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel, or nearly any material of construction that can be cast or machined to provide the required resistance to wear and/or corrosion based on the properties of the material.


Devised for continuous processing formulations with salts, cement, ceramics, corundum, sand, calcium carbide, glass, quartz, and other abrasive materials, and/or with acids and caustic sodas, the wear-resistant Continuous Processors are custom-designed for each installation to improve upon existing batch production rates and product quality specifications while eliminating the stoppages for setup, transfers and cleaning required in batch processes. These Readco processing systems may be used for mixing, chemically reacting, compounding, crystallizing, encapsulating, and for other processes, combining multiple solid and liquid materials.


The Readco Continuous Processors are custom-engineered and manufactured in the company's York, Pa. headquarters based on testing conducted on full-size equipment in its on-site laboratory. Customer materials and formulations are used to verify performance in an environment simulating actual operating conditions.

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