Ability Genix Asset Performance Management Suite


The Ability Genix Asset Performance Management Suite brings next-generation AI-based predictive maintenance, asset reliability, and integrity insights to process and utility industries. The suite is an enterprise-grade application to monitor assets, prescribe maintenance actions, improve equipment utilization, and support lifecycle analysis and capital planning for the process, utility, and transportation industries. 


The suite makes it easy to add asset condition monitoring to existing operational technology (OT) landscapes, enables prioritization of maintenance activities based on AI-informed predictions, and provides a comprehensive overview of asset performance.


Genix APM Suite also empowers significant improvements in operational sustainability. By assessing the remaining useful life of industrial assets, it generates a plan for preventive maintenance, which can extend equipment uptime and increase asset life.


With reliable data insights, decision makers are provided with the information required in order to identify gaps and areas of improvement for energy efficiency and tighter control of operations, increasing asset availability and improving profit potential. 


Genix APM is built on the ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite. ABB Ability Genix is a modular, IIoT, and analytics suite, which integrates IT, OT, and other enterprise data in a contextualized manner, applying advanced industrial AI capabilities that support new insights to optimize operations.


  • Start monitoring the health of your assets to prioritize maintenance based on data
  • Capture and codify experts' knowledge to increase outcomes from the predictive maintenance
  • Adopt an advanced, cross-functional APM program to continuously improve practices
  • Find opportunities for optimum investment planning
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