Abrasive Media and Compounds


A broad range of abrasive media and compounds used in automated deburring and finishing of metal parts is detailed in this new, four-color, multi-page folder. Ceramic, plastic and synthetic media are shown in a variety of sizes and shapes including angle-cut cylinders, stars and tristars, triangles, cones and elipses, plus tetrahedrons, pyramids and wedges. 

Selection of the proper formulation and configuration depends on part size, desired results and other factors.    Liquid finishing compounds from ALMCO, which keep both parts and media clean, are designed for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts, are phosphate-free and biodegradable, and conform with EPA and OSHA standards.  The new literature covers all types including alkaline cleaners, burnishing compounds, rust inhibitors, acid cleaners and defoamers.   

The ALMCO folder emphasizes the free sample processing service offered by the company in its 8,000-square-foot laboratory.  Parts are processed under varying combinations of media and compounds, machines and cycle times, to determine the best solution to the customer’s precision finishing requirements.       

The new folder notes that ALMCO offers the most complete line of tumbling media and liquid and powder compounds for automated finishing equipment users worldwide.  The company also is the world’s largest manufacturer of standard and custom-designed equipment for metal parts deburring and finishing, as well as parts cleaning and related machines and systems.


  • variety of sizes and shapes
  • keep both parts and media clean
  • free sample processing service
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