Absolute Positioning Sensor


US Digital announces our latest positioning sensor, the T7 absolute inclinometer.  Utilizing solid state technology, the T7 measures tilt over a full 360 degree range in a single axis. Positional accuracy is ± 0.1 degrees with a resolution of 0.01 degrees.  The T7 is IP-67 rated, fully sealed against dust and moisture.  Two interface options are available: RS232 and USD-CAN.  The RS232 version supports up to fifteen T7s on 100 feet of cable. US Digital's CAN protocol allows a network of up to sixty-four T7s to be connected to a single host. Maximum cable length for the USD-CAN version is up to 700 feet. A CAN adapter allows the host to access each T7 on the network using simple serial port commands. T7 pricing starts at $225.00 and is $176.54 for 10 units. US Digital products are sold direct for easy ordering and fast shipment.


• Supply Voltage: Min: 5.5 Typ: 24 Max: 30 Units: V • Supply Current (Operating, 22C ambient): @ 5.5V 50 mA @ 12V 30 mA @ 24V 20 mA • Operating Temperature: Min -10 Typ: 25 Max: 70 Units:C • Storage Temperature: Min -40 Max: 125 Units:C • Acceleration (single-axis version): Max: 50000 Units:G • Bandwidth: Max: 8 Hz
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