AC Measurement Standard As Easy to Use as Multimeter


The 5790B AC Measurement Standard combines the accuracy one would expect from a thermal transfer standard with the ease of use of a digital multimeter.

Built on the legacy of the 5790A and the patented Fluke solid-state Thermal RMS sensor, the versatile Fluke Calibration 5790B offers all of the performance and features of the 5790A and also many new capabilities.


  • 5.5-in. touchscreen display
  • Absolute ac voltage measurement uncertainties are as low as plus-or-minus 24 ppm
  • Calculation free, absolute current measurements with Fluke A40B current shunts
  • Bandwidth: 10 to 50 MHz
  • Statistics: min, max, average, Standard deviation, and peak-to-peak data while still viewing the main measurement
  • Waveform Calculator: peak-to-peak sine, square, triangle, and truncated waveforms

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