AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)/GS2 Series Micro AC Drives


GS2 series - all of the features of our GS1 AC drives plus dynamic braking, PID and a removable keypad.
◦1/4 hp to 1 hp, 115 VAC single-phase

◦1/2 hp to 7.5 hp, 230 VAC

◦1 to 10 hp, 460 VAC

◦1 to 10 hp, 575 VAC

The GS2 series of AC drives offers V/ Hz control with advanced application features.
•These variable frequency drives can be configured using the built-in digital keypad or with the standard RS485 serial communications port.

•The standard keypad allows you to configure the drive, set the speed, start and stop the drive, command forward and reverse direction of motor shaft, and monitor specific parameters during operation.

•Each GS2 features one analog and six programmable digital inputs, and one analog and two programmable relay outputs.

•The GS2 micro drives are ideal for motor speed control applications - typical applications include conveyors, fans, pumps, compressors, HVAC, material handling, mixing, shop tools

GS2 AC Line Reactors
Input and output line reactors are available for GS2 AC Mini Drives

•Input line reactors protect the AC drive from transient overvoltage conditions, typically caused by utility capacitor switching. The input line reactor also reduces the harmonics associated with AC drives. Input line reactors are recommended for all installations.

•Output line reactors protect the motor insulation against AC drive short circuits and IGBT reflective wave damage, and also “smooth” the motor current waveform, allowing the motor to run cooler. They are recommended for operating “non-inverter-duty” motors and when the length of wiring between the AC drive and motor exceeds 75 feet.

•NOTE: If you purchase an AC line reactor with your AC drive order, you'll receive an an extra year of warranty coverage in addition to the standard warranty period.

GS2 Input Fuse Kits & Spare Fuses
Circuit protection devices are essential to prevent costly damage to your AC drive application equipment.

•Fuses and fuse kits are available from AUTOMATIONDIRECT for the GS2 and DURAPULSE AC drives.

•Replacement fuses are also available.

GS2 Braking Options (Braking Units & Resistors)
Braking units are applied to absorb the motor regeneration energy when the three-phase induction motor stops by deceleration.

•Braking Units Are available only for Durpluse Drives.

•Braking resistors are used to increase the control torque of the AC drive, for frequently repeated ON-OFF cycles of the AC drive, or for decelerating a load with large inertia.

•GS-2DBU and GS-4DBU, used with GS series braking resistors, provide optimum braking performance.

GS2 EMI / RF Filters
•Input EMI filters reduce electromagnetic interference or noise on the input side of the AC drive.

•They are required for CE compliance and recommended for installations prone to or sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

•RF filters reduce the radio frequency interference or noise on the input or output side of the inverter.


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