Access Temp & Humidity Data on the Go


DURAC Bluetooth Thermometer - Hygrometers allow operators to monitor and log critical environmental data remotely through a mobile device. Units record up to 30 days of temperature and humidity, or temperature data only, and transmit the information wirelessly, eliminating the need for a physical connection.

The Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer, catalog no. B61506-5100, has a temperature range of -10/50°C (14/122°F) and a humidity range of 10/99%, and a suggested list price of $110.96. The Bluetooth Thermometer, catalog no. B60911-0100 has a range of -10/50°C (14/122°F).



  • Logs critical environmental data in rooms or chambers
  • Readings can be broadcast to Apple or Android smartphone or device at distances up to 40 m
  • Hourly data recorded up to 7 days, max & min temp up to another 23 days
  • Data viewed as graph or chart, or on a calendar
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