Accident Investigation: Examining the Details Video/DVD


Successfully implementing accident investigations can help put into motion changes that will help achieve a safer workplace for everyone in the future.  Summit introduces its latest release, Accident Investigation: Examining the Details in Video and DVD to train employees how to figure out exactly why an accident occurred.  Summit’s program teaches a systematic approach to accident investigation, and when utilized, employees will be better equipped to identify the hazardous conditions and eliminate them to avoid future issues. Summit’s program is filmed on-site in multiple setting to show a wide variety of real-life scenarios.  Incidents should be taken seriously as accidents and should be investigated to discover where safety improvements must be made.  When an accident occurs it may seem that the reasons are obvious- but the reality is the cause of an accident is almost always more complicated than it first appears.
This Program Covers:
When to Investigate
The Accident Scene
Interviewing Witnesses
Reviewing Records
Analyzing Information
Communicating Recommendations
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