Accu-Cut Model 5200 Dicing Saw


Aremco's Accu-Cut Model 5200 is a semi-automatic, diamond dicing saw used to precision cut ultra-hard materials such as ceramics, ferrites, quartz and semiconductor materials including silicon, gallium arsenide and bismuth telluride as large as 4" x 4" x 1/2" thick in both lab and production quantities.

The Model 5200 handles both metal- and resin-bonded diamond wheels up to 4.5" diameter, and is equipped with a fixed speed 5000 Rpm spindle. Indexing is handled using a zero-backlash, manual screw with a .001" dial indicator and the in-feed drive is controlled by an air/oil system for maintaining smooth, precise stage control. An optic system including monocular microscope or camera, monitor and electronic cross-hair generator is also offered to assist in part alignment.

The Accu-Cuttm Model 5200 is used to dice a wide variety of components throughout the electronics, ceramics and optics industries. Applications include:

Hybrid Circuits
Resistors & Capacitors
Read-Write Heads
Display Glass
Metal & Optical Crystals
Advanced Ceramics
The Accu-Cuttm Model 5200 is an easy to use, economical, accurate and reliable system for precision dicing.
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