AccuOil Spray System


The application of oil on strip is a challenge for most producers. Uneven and over-application of oil are typical when using wringer rolls or open pipes.

Misting, low transfer efficiency and a hazardous work environment are common problems when applying oil with costly-to-operate air atomizing spray systems. The new AccuOil system solves all these problems through precision application. Waste, inconsistency and the need for compressed air are eliminated.

The AccuOil system uses Precision Spray Control (PSC) to ensure the proper volume of oil is applied consistently, even when line speed changes and sheet width varies.

Electrically-actuated, hydraulic PulsaJet® spray nozzles mounted on spray headers provide uniform, consistent application of the oil. System control is provided by a PLC equipped with AutoJet® PSC drivers.

The AccuOil system easily accommodates different strip widths. Only the nozzles required to cover the width of the strip are activated to spray, eliminating waste.

System Includes:

  • Reservoir Fill Pump (optional on non-heated systems;standard on heated systems; one per channel)
  • Conditioning Fluid Heater (heated systems only)
  • Oil Reservoir (optional on non-heated systems; standard on heated systems; one per channel)
  • Oil Supply Pump (optional on non-heated systems; standard on heated systems; one per channel)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (one per channel)
  • Spray Control Panel
  • Heat Exchanger (heated systems only)
  • Temperature Control Panel (heated systems only)
  • Conditioning Fluid Expansion Chamber (heated systems only)




  • Reduce scrap
    • uniform coverage across the entire strip
  • Consistent application
    • even when line speed changes
  • Lower operating costs
    • reduce oil consumption through precision application; no compressed air required
  • Reduce maintenance time
    • no misting or overspray improves worker safety and minimizes clean-up time and oil removal costs


  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Cold mills
  • Processing lines
  • Temper mills


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