Acoustic Gas Leak Detector


Detector Electronics Corporation introduces its revolutionary FlexSonic™ Acoustic Gas Leak Detector today.   Designed to withstand the harshest environments, from arctic to tropical conditions, the FlexSonic™ detector is “a revolutionary step forward over traditional gas leak detectors,” said Jerry Slocum, managing director, Det-Tronics. “The FlexSonic™ detector is the first non-contact gas leak detector of its kind that recognizes unique ultrasound ‘fingerprints,’” he said.  The FlexSonic™ detector analyzes 24 discrete ultrasonic bands, ignoring nuisance ultrasonic sources.  

A high-fidelity microphone continuously monitors for the distinct ultrasound emitted by pressurized gas leaks across the widest spectrum of frequencies.  Unlike traditional non-contact gas leak detectors, the FlexSonic™ detector can be programmed to ignore background noises, discerning between gas leaks and environmental noises, such as metal-on-metal contact, fans, machinery or vehicles. For noisy applications, the FlexSonic™ detector learns both regularly occurring and random sounds, detecting the actual acoustic gas leak ‘signature.’  “This next-generation technology improves gas leak detection capabilities by recognizing real leaks and reducing false positives,” said Michael Bragg, product group manager, Det-Tronics.  “For potentially hazardous locations, the FlexSonic™ detector offers an additional layer of protection that complements traditional gas leak detectors.”


  • analyzes 24 discrete ultrasonic bands
  • high-fidelity microphone
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