Acoustic Micro-Imaging Tool


Gen7 laboratory style acoustic micro-imaging tool enhances operator productivity and part throughput rate by providing greater versatility in transducer movement, faster scanning of samples, and faster processing of data.


The tool is designed for analytical work on small numbers of samples, although it can also screen modest quantities of components.


  • 50% higher screening throughput from faster transducer motors.
  • Scan area significantly enlarged, so more parts can be scanned at one time.
  • Upward and downward range of Z movement of the transducer more than doubled to enable scanning of samples having a greater range of height variation.
  • Windows 10 operating system and Sonolytics 2 user interface have replaced Windows 7 and Sonolytics, respectively.
  • Intel’s i7 seventh generation chips make the system’s computer hardware 33% faster, giving, for example, quicker delivery of Digital Image Analysis.
  • Both monitors have high resolution 4K screens to reveal more detail.
  • Includes Waterplume technology, so a separate C-SAM tool is not needed to image IGBT modules.
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