Acrylic Foam Tapes Resist 400º F Heat, Provide Permanent Bond


Four new high-adhesion acrylic foam tapes that meet industrial converters’ needs for conformability, temperature resistance to 400º F and a permanent bond are now available from Avery Dennison Specialty Tape Division. Called the XHA 6600 Series, the high-adhesion acrylic foam tapes satisfy fastening and bonding requirements in the appliance, transportation, electronics and signage industries.

The tapes have been added to the Avery Dennison Specialty Tape Advantage Solutions portfolio. As part of the portfolio, the tapes are backed by 24-hour sampling, extensive technical and service support, and streamlined order turnaround.

The XHA 6600 Series

XHA 6600 series performance characteristics include very high adhesion combined with good shear and stress relaxation, a thick adhesive for demanding, gap-filling applications, and chemical, UV and humidity resistance. The tapes’ high density compound construction provides enhanced holding power and tensile strength, and the polyethylene liner improves die cutting and conversion.

The XHA 6600 series delivers a strong bond to high surface energy materials such as metal, plastic, polyester, polycarbonate, acrylic and ABS. The conformable foam provides cushioning and impact resistance, even over irregular surfaces.

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