Active Performance Management Solution Improves Efficiency


Active Performance Management, an important advancement in HVAC efficiency, is patented onboard software that learns, predicts, adjusts automatically, and makes optimization recommendations in real-time. Applied in conjunction with equipment upgrades and consulting services, Active Performance Management has been shown to improve energy efficiency in HVAC systems by over 40%.


Pump Manager is a subscription-based service that leverages the embedded intelligence and Wi-fi capabilities of Design Envelope to help operators maintain optimal pump performance.

  • Equipment and system upgrade options to optimize legacy mechanical plant performance with minimal disruption to tenant comfort
  • Reduce risks and save up to 40% in mechanical plant energy drift costs by designing and commissioning right
  • 24X7 service, informed data-driven maintenance procedures, customized training, and genuine Armstrong parts to get the best from your system
  • Energy Assessments, plant-wide or at the component level, provide crucial operating data and performance insights to support informed equipment choices
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