Adaptable, Flexible and Universal Vault Tooling Part Holder


Vault Tooling Part Holders are available in a variety of standard sizes, pin lengths and densities as well as custom solutions that can be configured for most applications and machines.

The Vault is an adaptive tool that can be used in applications where the reduction of custom tooling, fixtures, molds or jigs is desired. The Vault’s patented technology uses a high density array of pins that automatically conform to the shape of any part. Once locked, it creates a “nest” to hold the part during the desired process. After completion the Vault is simply reset to prepare it for a new part.

This adaptive tooling eliminates the expense, time and inventory management of custom molds,
jigs and fixtures.


  • can be used on bench-tops, robots or integrated into machines or work cells
  • variety of standard sizes, pin lengths and densities
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