Adapter System Eliminates Downtime


PRECI-FLEX is the first tooling system on the market with a single base holder and multiple tooling adapters that utilizes the ER collet pocket. It offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for lathe tooling changeovers.


The short, compact design ensures maximum torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and improved productivity. Additionally, PRECI-FLEX's conical and flat face planar interface allows the use of either an adapter or a standard ER collet, and enables collets, endmill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrink fit tooling to be mounted on a single base holder.


Available in a range of sizes, PRECI-FLEX provides unsurpassed repeatability, with every toolholder offering repeatability within five microns. The system also virtually eliminates machine downtime and allows tooling adapters to be interchanged between fixed and rotary base holders for fast, economical machining.

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