Additional Modules Join Productivity Series of PC Products


AutomationDirect has introduced additional modules to the Productivity series of programmable controller products. Additionally, updated Productivity Suite programming software is now available.

For the Productivity3000 series, the P3-550E high-performance CPU is equipped with multiple communications ports, including two USB, two Ethernet, one RS-232 and one RS-485. The system can be expanded with the P3-RS, P3-RX or P3-EX modules and local, expansion, and remote I/O are assigned preconfigured or user-defined tagnames which can be easily referenced in the ladder logic program. Priced at $499.00, the P3-550E CPU also features 50MB user memory and incorporates a 4-line x 10-character LCD display for system alarms and information or for displaying user-defined messages.

Added to the Productivity2000 series, the P2-RS remote slave expansion module is priced at $225.00. The P2-RS is a full-featured, high-performance module equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet remote I/O port and two communications ports which support serial devices, as well as an additional Micro USB IN (type B) port for remote CPU programming and monitoring. The P2-RS also includes a 4 line x 10 character backlit OLED display. Using up to eight expansion modules in remote I/O bases allows a Productivity2000 system to be expanded to over 4,000 I/O. Also added to the Productivity2000 series is the $265.00 P2-08NTC thermistor module. This 16-bit thermistor analog input module provides eight single-ended temperature-only input channels and has a temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 302 degrees F.


New features added to the Productivity Suite programming software include:

  • viewable bit-of-word elements in the tag database
  • comments for bit-of-word and array elements
  • import of nicknames from DirectSOFT and CLICK PLC projects
  • install updates for Windows10
  • and more
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