New liquid and air/gas flowswitches from Orange Research are designed for applications involving high line pressures ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 psig. They are available with optional dials and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Like rotameters the flowswitches are mounted directly in the flow stream, but with bodies machined from solid metal they can be used in high line pressure applications in hydraulics, pneumatics and other areas not possible for rotameters rated at 150 psig. The flowswitches are available in fixed-orifice models for low-flow applications from 0-2 to 0-40 GPH (liquid)/1.5-5 SCMF (gas) and variable-orifice models for higher-flow applications from 0-1 to 0-30 GPM/1.5-10 to 1-100 SCFM. Both model families incorporate adjustable, hermetically sealed, reed switches to control processes or initiate high/low alarms or indicators. The flowswitches are supplied with or without enclosures, depending on the flowmeter model. Choose from SPST (normally open or normally closed) and SPDT switches. Most reed switches are field adjustable within the upper 70%-80% of the full-scale range of the flowmeter model. All switches are preset to the full-scale range unless the customer requests a different value. When two switches are used they can be set independent of each other. Models with enclosures meet a variety of requirements, from NEMA-4X to Class 1, Div. 2, or UL, CSA, CE or ATEX ratings, and many more. The flowswitches are also available with optional, large, easy-to-read dials for local readout. Options include liquid-filled dials, reverse flow, red or multicolor arcs and other choices to meet specific requirements.
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