Adjustable Speed Drives


A new, 28 page Zero-Max catalog of Adjustable Speed Drives, Right Angle Gear Drives, and Linear Actuators has been published. The brochure contains new product models, new technical application data, drawings, and photos for easy ordering.Zero-Max Adjustable Speed Drives may be used as a primary or secondary drive.

Theyeliminate the need for expensive AC/DC drives or variable pitch drives. They provide speedcontrol for inputs from ¼ to 1½ HP applications with output torque ratings from 12 through 200in-lbs. They accept input speeds from 0-2000 rpm, allowing output speed changes to be madequickly and easily, whether the machine is running or idle.

The new Micro Dial design feature provides accurate and repeatable speed settings. The drives are available with optionalgearheads, motors and c-flange adapters.

Crown two- and three-way right angle gear drives transmit power with quiet, dependablespiral bevel gears and non-magnetic stainless steel shafts. New photos and drawings arefeatured showing multiple mounting options. The drives have a fully enclosed design. Internalgears cannot get out of alignment, jam up or become contaminated by debris. Cast aluminumhousings are designed for maximum strength and heat dissipation. These drives are available inmany sizes and shaft configurations including squared, splined, extended, shortened andstepped. Applications include printing, packaging machines, off-highway vehicles and specialmachinery of all types.

Converting rotary motion to linear travel and carrying loads at speeds to 70 inches persecond, these Roh’Lix actuators handle thrust rates between 5 and 200 lbs. They are a lesscostly option compared to ball screws. They also are easy to adjust by simply tightening orloosening the thrust adjustment screws on the top of the block. And when thrust setting isexceeded, the Roh’lix slips on the shaft until the source of the overload is corrected. Therebyproviding overload protection if an obstruction is encountered in the system. Available in 5different sizes from 5 to 200 lbs. thrust.

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