AdSpray™1500A Pressure Washer


The AdSpray™ pressure washers blast away dirt and grime for fast and efficient cleaning. Fast because they power clean… efficient because the chemical reaches areas you can't. Chemical is sprayed on with low pressure, then dirt is blasted off with high-pressure power.

The AdSpray™ 1500A is a hand-carried model with adjustable pressure to 1500 psi (103 bar) for various applications.

The spray gun has trigger on/off spray control, and is at the end of a 26 foot (8 m) long hose. Nozzle tip turns to vary the spray pattern from zero to sixty degrees.


  • 2 hp electric pressure washer with 120 V / 60 Hz motor
  • 2 gpm and up to 1,450 psi
  • Includes: hose, spray gund and wand, chemical injector and thermal valve
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