Advanced Facial Protection


Called the Vader Combo, this vented goggle with a face shield provides one-of-a-kind facial protection: a splash goggle with integral face shield that combines full-face impact and wetness protection with unparalleled anti-fog properties.

With D3 droplet and splash protection rating, the aqua-green splash goggle features a roomy, over-the-glasses design, with reverse venting for comfort and soft rubber seals around the nose, eyes and brow for a comfortable, custom fit. The face-covering impact shield is an integral piece to the goggle, instead of attaching to a hard hat, ensuring Vader Combo moves where your head moves while keeping the protective cover closer to the face, therefore allowing less splash back.

Vader Combo is 99.9% UV protection-rated for outdoor wear and offers impact protection via goggles designed with an ANSI-rated, polycarbonate lens with a hard coating.


Vader Combo is an ideal choice for workers in:

  • construction
  • water and sewer work
  • power washing
  • concrete work
  • grinding applications
  • and more
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