Advanced Foam Technology


A compact aixfotec twin screw extruder features key components for the continuous production of low density, expanding or expanded foams from polystyrene, polyester, polypropylene and polylactic acid. These products are suitable for a broad range of industries and applications, including packaging of food and other materials, construction and building materials, automotive, furniture and bedding manufacture. 


The extruder consists of two co-rotating, inter-meshing screws and can be equipped to provide direct gassing functionalities. The optimal mixing capabilities of the instrument make the foam extrusion process stable and reliable, thus contributing to the development of products with consistent quality. As the extrusion system intensifies and optimizes the foaming process, energy consumption, waste production and the associated costs are minimized. 


Sulzer Chemtech also offers laboratory models of the aixfotec extruder, suitable for research and development projects that require efficient production of low volumes series or specialized products. Sulzer Chemtech is also able to customize the equipment as well as provide assistance during the installation, commissioning and start-up of the equipment. In addition, the company supports plant operators by offering operation and maintenance training, and guidelines on best maintenance practices.

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