Advanced HART® Diagnostics Suite


Emerson Process Management has expanded its Advanced HART® Diagnostics Suite on the Rosemount® 3051S Seriesof Instrumentation for pressure, flow and level measurement. New features expand diagnostic coverage beyond transmitter electronics to identify and prevent abnormal process and installation issues. The new Power Advisory Diagnostic helps ensure the integrity of the electrical loop by detecting unwanted changing electrical conditions, such as water in the terminal housing, ground loop issues, corrosion of terminals, or an unstable power supply.

The Advanced HART Diagnostics Suitealso includes Statistical Process Monitoring technology, to measure andanalyze previously unseen process noise, providing intelligent processinsight. This has led to a significant expansion in the range of processdiagnostic applications such as detection of furnace flame instability,incipient distillation column flooding, and valve or pump cavitation.“The expanded capabilities of Advanced Diagnostics on the Rosemount 3051Sgives plant personnel additional insight into their facilities – insightthey can use to make informed decisions that will optimize the availability,efficiency and reliability of their plants,” said Dave Wehrs, vice presidentof pressure design and engineering for the Rosemount division of EmersonProcess Management.

The Rosemount 3051S with Advanced Diagnostics was put through the rigorousIEC 61508 safety certification process by exida, resulting in anindustry-leading Safe Failure Fraction of 96.8%. Safety can be furtherimproved by utilizing Power Advisory Diagnostic and Statistical ProcessMonitoring to uncover previously undetectable failures of the electricalloop and in the process connection, including plugged impulse lines.Combining the highest safety rated pressure transmitter in the industry withadvanced diagnostics enables 10-year proof test intervals and the safestinstallation possible.“The end result of having equipment with low failure rate and highdiagnostic coverage is not just improved safety but also lower downtime,”said Dr. William Goble, principal partner of exidaThe Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation is part of Emerson’s broadrange of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb™architecture.  Further cost savings, increased plant availability, andenhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when thetransmitters are integrated into the PlantWeb digital plant architecture.


  • for pressure, flow and level measurement
  • advanced Diagnostics
  • identifies and prevents abnormal process and installation issues
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