Advanced P80630-SDN Stepper Drive


The P80630-SDN stepper drive features smoothness, precision, and torque across the full speed range in a compact package that enables smaller, lighter, and more versatile machines. The drive powers and controls stepper motors operating on 24 to 75V DC with up to 5.5 A current per phase (7.8 A peak). 


It supports conventional single-ended or differential step and direction interfaces or CW/CCW command inputs. Dip-switch selectable settings include motor phase current, idle current reduction, and step resolution up to 1/128 microstep, all with no programming required. Dedicated enable input and fault output provides control of the drive's power stage and error monitoring.


Additional models with new features are scheduled for release in the coming months. Selected drives will also include widely used fieldbus protocols for integration with industry-standard motion controllers. All drives in the series are CE, RoHS, and REACH certified.


It’s an ideal solution for labelers, indexing tables, CNC machines, packaging systems, pumps, and other single-or multi-axis systems requiring low-speed, point-to-point motion control for fixed loads.


 Input Voltage Range 24 to 75V DC
 Continuous Current 1.7 to 5.5 Arms (2.4 to 7.8 Apeak)
 Digital Inputs 3 (Step, Direction, Enable)
 Digital Outputs 1 (Fault)
 Control Mode Step and Direction (CW/CCW)
 Step Resolution Full-Step to 1/128 (200 to 25,600 steps/rev)
 Feedback Support None (Open Loop)
 Operating Temperature 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)
 Max. Chassis Temperature 158°F (70°C)
 Idle Current Reduction Settable, 50% or 90%
 Connectors Screw Terminal
  • Single 24 to 75V DC power supply input required
  • Bipolar chopper drive for superior current regulation and low ripple current
  • Conventional Step and Direction interface. User-provided pulse train to rotate the motor
  • Dedicated inputs for Step, Direction (CW/CCW), and Enable
  • Dip-switch selectable settings. No programming required
    • Idle Current Reduction to reduce motor heating during dwell or when holding a load
    • Microstepping resolution up to 25,600 steps/revolution
    • Motor Phase Current up to 5.5 A/phase to pair with widest range of Kollmorgen motors
  • Fault Protection:
    • Thermal Protection (Over-Temperature)
    • Over-Current
    • Over/Under Bus Voltage
    • Short Circuit (Phase-to-Phase or Phase-to-Ground)
  • CE, RoHS, REACH certified
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