Advanced Precision Cutter


IsoMet High Speed is a precision sectioning machine designed specifically to create precision material cuts. It sections any sample with efficiency and consistency using diamond or abrasive blades.


IsoMet High Speed is available in two formats – the High Speed and the High Speed Pro. Both provide strength and power to produce quality cut surfaces.  The High Speed Pro version has additional abilities to improve user experience with a laser for visual blade alignment and an automatic dressing system to maintain diamond blade quality throughout the cut.


Accessories, include: Rapid Rail Vise Holder, Single Saddle Chuck, Double Saddle Chuck, quick clamp vises, dressing wheels, and external recirculation tank.


Key features:

  • Automated three-axis movement allows precise alignment and quick cutting
  • Automatic Dressing System maintains consistent cut quality and reduces the frequency of changing the dressing stick. *IsoMet High Speed Pro
  • Rapid Laser Alignment saves time with instant visual alignment with laser. *IsoMet High Speed Pro
  • Intuitive Controls allow programming for repeatable and consistent single or serial sections
  • Quick Sample Adjustments offer easy adjusting of sample with the Rapid Rail and tool-less vising system
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