Advanced Printing in a Small Package


The EVOlution of desktop 3D printing continues with the EVO R, the latest edition to the EVO series of additive manufacturing machines. The EVO R embodies the ideal formula for engineers, educators, and designers: dependability, safety, efficiency, and affordability in a space-efficient package with an approximate 12 x 8.75 x 9 in. build envelope.


The EVO 3D printer line has proven its value to the industry by repeatedly producing strong parts with excellent mechanical properties required for functional prototypes, tooling, and production.


The EVO R brings this premium technology to the broader market by incorporating the same 7-in. TouchScreen, HEPA/Active Carbon filter, 32-bit GENESIS micro-controller, linear guides, and high-temperature capabilities as the EVO and EVO 22 in a smaller, more affordable package.


Starting with an Off/On switch incorporating a dual-pole circuit breaker, the printer is designed with active and passive safety systems. The Genesis microcontroller and TouchScreen are configured with hot end and heated bed overcurrent and over-temp detection circuits in addition to stepper motor overcurrent detection circuits. During inactivity, the TouchScreen is configured to cool the EVO R. Additionally, the heated bed incorporates a temperature-sensitive fuse for overheat protection and the hot end heaters are capped at approximately 25 watts. The enclosed structure, Hepa and Carbon air filters, and over-sized air circulation fan help minimize smells and emissions.


Built on seven years and five generations of desktop 3D innovation, the EVO R incorporates the most reliable components of any desktop 3D printer in the world. Features such as unitized aluminum construction, CNC-machined hot ends, one-piece steel bed, and a Teflon-sheathed communication cord impart precision and reliability to last for decades.


The EVO R is also one of the easiest 3D printers to use, incorporating auto-leveling, an intuitive TouchScreen, and integration with Airwolf's Apex gCode-generation software for autonomous or connected operation. Users should feel confident taking the EVO R with them as well, with its compact outer dimensions and compatibility with all international voltages.


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