Advanced Vacuum Contactor Technology With IntelliVAC Plus Controller


Rockwell Automation introduces the Allen-Bradley IntelliVAC Plus controller, an advanced vacuum contactor control solution. The controller outperforms traditional electromechanical control circuits with flexible digital control for a wide array of contactor types (400A, 800A, electrically held, mechanical latch) with one module. IntelliVAC Plus controllers are used to control the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1502 medium voltage contactors. Together, they are the primary components within the Allen Bradley Bulletin 1500 and Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1900 CENTERLINE medium voltage motor controllers.
Embedded self-diagnostics and improved coordination between unit power fuses and the vacuum contactor drop-out time provide reliability. This advanced vacuum contactor technology for AC motor control is a lightweight, compact design, requiring no additional low voltage panel space compared to electromechanical control circuits. It is possible to retrofit existing Bulletin 1500 and Bulletin 1900 controllers with the
IntelliVAC Plus controller. The IntelliVAC Plus controller is supplied with standard DeviceNet communications with Allen-Bradley DeviceLogix control. The IntelliVAC Plus controller will also support multicontactor (MC) control schemes, with up to four IntelliVAC MC units connected on RS 485, and DeviceLogix technology preconfigured for standard medium voltage controller logic. The new IntelliVAC Plus controller features improved operation information and diagnostics with features like real-time clock, extended contactor close-time monitoring, and tracking of contactor usage.
The IntelliVAC Plus controller allows more consistent vacuum contactor performance and minimizes external control circuitry and wiring, reducing repair time and expenses. For increased productivity, IntelliVAC Plus controllers also feature universal input voltage (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and 100-250 VDC), altitude compensation, and power loss ride-through (TDUV and antikiss protection).
IntelliVAC Plus controllers can be used in electromechanical, reduced voltage solid state and variable frequency drive (VFD) motor control systems, in a variety of medium voltage controller applications.

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