Advantages of Engineered Blow Molding


When you purchase blow molding machinery from a reputable company you have a high degree of confidence that the machine will properly mold products once installed. However, similarities often end when you compare standard machine builders to an engineered machine builder.


An engineered machine builder provides a molder with additional value through dedicated design and improved machine performance. 




The engineered machine is designed by experienced teams to fit the molding application exactly rather than fitting the application to the machine.


A recent example is an engineered machine built specifically to fit a small bottle application for a molder. In this case, traditional methods of blow molding were not going to yield the quantity and quality results to meet the molders requirements.


Some blow molding machinery manufacturers had been promoting tandem blow technology as a capacity option—the process of blow molding two bottles per parison, configured in a neck-to-neck or base-to-base arrangement in the mold for a small bottle application.


The challenge of producing two identical bottles in a tandem blow process is related to the free-falling parisons typically used by shuttle and reciprocating blow molding machines. The parison shape is often not identical from the top to bottom in the mold. Therefore, achieving an identical material distribution in the top and bottom containers is nearly impossible.


Often, an additional variation is added to try to balance and set up four, six, and eight or more parisons to be identical. Even with wheel machines, the physical variations in bottles blown in a tandem process can never be eliminated.


To address this problem for its customer, Wilmington Machinery engineered a new style of small bottle (SB) rotary blow molding wheel system to specifically fit this application. After lengthy conversations and a review of all options, the machine was built with single cavity molds using a proprietary method of guiding the containers from under the blow molder through the trimmer at extremely high speeds with maximum efficiency.


This new high-speed, small bottle (SB) rotary blow molding wheel system utilized a miniaturized version of the company’s engineered mechanical clamping systems. This is a technology originally perfected in the company’s larger wheel machines. In the SB machines, it is combined with a proprietary proven technique for accurately positioning the clamps and molds relative to each other.


To accomplish this engineering feat involves a very precise mechanism allowing the process to perform in the flash area—especially at the base of the bottle, which is the tail of the mold. The engineers had to separate or cut the bottle at the base pinch to hold the bottle in the following mold until it opens. This technology does not require cut-off knives between the molds or knock-out rods, which would typically be required on wheel blow molding machinery. This new engineered small bottle (SB) rotary blow molding wheel machine ended up being extremely simple to set up, operate, and maintain. Today, it is used to produce high-quality bottles most economically due to reduced weight, labor & utilities.


From this example, you’ve learned the benefits of working with a machine builder focused on engineering. The benefits include a unique machine, producing higher quality, lower cost blow molded products. In the case of other rotary blow molding machines that Wilmington Machinery has built since 1979, you will find lower machinery costs and reduced labor, maintenance, floor space, and utility costs added to the list of benefits.


In addition to the machine described in this example, Wilmington Machinery also offers the (SB) rotary blow molding machinery with dual parison, dual side by side mold technology yielding twice the production. This offering is available on rotary blow molding wheels with 24 to 60 molds yielding approximately 480 to 1,200 bottles per minute.


For these reasons—the next time you are purchasing a blow molding machine—consider the engineered machine as your best option. Wilmington Machinery is the single company providing, time and time again, the value of engineered machinery that fits.

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