Affordable Precision Translation Stages Come in 48 Variations


June 2006 - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for nanotechnology, photonics, semiconductor and life science applications, offers the new M-403 / M-414 series of precision linear translation stages. Combined with the low-cost Mercury™ servo motor controller, these stages form very affordable, high-value, motion control systems.

Features & Advantages 
4 Different Precision / Load Classes 
Motor Resolution to 0.012 µm, True Min. Incremental Motion 0.1 µm
Very Cost-Effective Stand alone and PC-Plug-In Servo Controllers
Two Drive Options: Leadscrews (Lower cost) and Recirculating Ball Screws (Higher Speed & Longer Lifetime)
Three Motor Options: DC-Gearhead (low power), DC ActiveDrive Direct (faster) and Stepper Motors (lower cost)
Travel Ranges 25 mm (1 inch) to 300 mm (12 inch)
Load Capacity to 50 kg (110 lbs)

These micropositioning stages provide high-performance at a very attractive price. The integrated low-friction ball-screws combine high duty-cycles and velocities with minimum incremental motion of 0.1 µm.

High Load and Maintenance Free
All models of the M-400 family are equipped with high-precision linear guiding rails and recirculating ball bearings. Their high load capacity allows them to carry up to 50 kg (110 lbs) and to push/pull up to 100 N (22 lbs). The recirculating ball bearings are maintenance free and immune to the cage migration which can plague crossed roller bearings.

Typical Applications
Research & Development, Quality Control, Semiconductor Test Equipment, Precision Automation, Metrology

Low Cost of Ownership
A variety of low-cost stand alone and plug-in-board motor controllers is available. These micropositioning stages are especially cost effective in high performance, high-duty-cycle applications, when combined with the with the networkable C-862 Mercury™ controller.


• Sensor resolution – 4000 • Design resolution - 0.25 • Min. incremental motion - 0.2 • Backlash – 10 • Unidirectional repeatability – 1 • Pitch*** - ±200 • Yaw*** - ±200 • Max. velocity – 2.5 • Origin repeatability – 1 • Stiffness in motion direction – 3500 • Max. load – 200 • Max. push/pull force – 50 • Max. lateral force – 100 • Operating voltage – 24 • Electrical power – 4.8 • Torque – 200 • Operating temperature range - -20 to +65
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