AGRIXTRA 70 and AGRIXTRA 65 Agricultural Tires


The AGRIXTRA 70 and AGRIXTRA 65 family of agricultural tires is expanding to new sizes to provide farmers and growers with more options for varied farming applications. The 70 series, engineered to deliver extra flotation and traction, will add seven sizes. The self-cleaning wide tread design maximizes performance in the field. Sporting a premium 45-deg. lug profile, the 70 series provides traction and minimizes vibration while roading.


The 65 series will release two new sizes that, like the 70 series, also boast an extra wide profile for high flotation and traction. The 65-series is engineered to employ premium rubber compounds that reduce ozone cracking and weathering, delivering a greater value to farmers through decreased tire wear rates. Developed with the user in mind, the 65 series provides minimal soil disturbance through its wide gross flat plate that maximizes flotation during every rotation.


AGRIXTRA 70260/70R16 | 109D
260/70R20 | 113D
280/70R16 | 112A8/B
280/70R18 | 114D
280/70R20 | 116D
300/70R20 | 120D
620/70R42 | 166D
AGRIXTRA 65600/65R34 | 151D
650/65R38 | 166D


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