AGV Pulls Its Weight in Manufacturing Areas


BST AGV works as an automated tugger, traveling along a magnetic tape guidepath. It slips under a stationary cart, extends a tow pin into the cart’s frame and then conveys it to a designated area.


System employs two carts, with one being loaded in the warehouse while the other is actively delivering products in route. A unique twist to this operation is that the delivery to the work locations is inside a secure area. An RFID security card with entry authorization is attached to the cart that the tugger is pulling automatically opens the door to the secure area. As the BST AGV leaves the secure area, motion detectors open the exit doors.


Specifications for the BST CA-A50060-NSI designated AGV:

  • makes four to six trips during two shifts
  • travels a two-route system, with ability to handle more
  • overall distance the unit travels is 600 ft
  • forward-only mode AGV can travel from10-164 fpm (depending on the area conditions and production needs)
  • each shelf is rated for a distributed load of 400 lb
  • cart dimensions are 64 x 40 x 51 in.
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