AGV Tow Tractor Reduces Delivery Times


TheEZS 350a NA Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System, Electric Tow Tractor (11,000 lb.) is based on Jungheinrich’s standard tow tractor and uses laser navigation. The automated handling of repeatable transport processes to production or assembly lines reduces the delivery time to these lines, allowing focus towards other tasks. This model can be used in an automated mode and a manual mode and provides added flexibility for operator usage when and if required.


The Logistics Interface facilitates a smooth connection to a host system to allow for easy integration into existing processes, while allowing the automated guided vehicles to operate as an autonomous system without a host connection.


The modular system structure makes it possible to represent individual customer processes as well as reacting flexibly and quickly to process changes. This creates a solid basis for the use of Jungheinrich’s AGV system according to your specific needs.

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