Air Cargo Heavy-Duty Lifts for Air Cargo Containers


Air Cargo Lifts are high-capacity, heavy-duty scissor lifts designed to speed and simplify the transfer of loads to and from transport vehicles to cargo terminals and off-site warehouse and distribution center facilities.


The standard lift platform is equipped with inverted casters placed in a uniform grid pattern that allows cargo containers and Unit Load Devices (ULDs) to be maneuvered or moved easily across the deck in any direction. A platform deck without the caster array can also be provided. The platform deck is coated with a durable grit slip-resistant finish to provide workers with sure footing as loads are moved across it. A bolt-on side platform allows workers to stand on the side of the caster deck and can be mounted to either the left or right side.


Standard lifts have a load capacity of 15,000 lb. with higher capacities available based on application requirements. Standard platform sizes are 10 x 13 or 13 x 13 ft; custom sizes are also available. The maximum raised height is 68 in. to accommodate any dock height.


Power is provided by a 7.5 HP 460/3/60 externally mounted power unit. Control voltage is 115/1/60.


Air Cargo Lifts can be equipped with a wide range of options including truck bumpers, bellows skirting, oil heaters for cold weather climates, redundant power units, manual lowering valves, custom paint colors, etc. Units are covered by two-year parts and labor warranty.

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