Air Filter Regulator Built to Withstand Harsh Environments in a Compact Package


ControlAir Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the NEW Type-330 Compact Instrument Air Filter Regulator. This unit is designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves and other automatic control equipment in a lightweight, compact housing. The Type 330 has been constructed of durable materials that will provide long lasting corrosion resistance in harsh industrial environments.

•    Compact and lightweight – will mount where competitive units won’t
•    Second gauge port option – allows easier and lower cost mounting and plumbing connections
•    Direct, pipe or bracket mounting – compatible for field replacements of other brands
•    Robust Design – withstands long term field installations in harsh environments
•    Superior flow characteristics – aspirator design provides excellent resistance to droop
•    Low air consumption – means less cost over time to the operator
•    Tapped exhaust option – for use in natural gas applications.
•    Epoxy paint finish (standard feature) for additional corrosion resistance
•    RoHS compliant

The Type-330 Compact Instrument Air Filter Regulator is designed specifically for use in harsh environments and provides instrument quality air to valves, pneumatic controllers, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, air cylinders, and a wide range of pneumatic control systems.  The Type-330 is ideal for petrochemical processing, oil and gas platform applications, both on and offshore; food; pulp and paper; pharmaceutical processing; pollution control; wastewater treatment and research projects.

The Type-330 Compact Instrument Air Filter Regulator is available in 1/4” NPT porting.  Output ranges include 0-30 psig, 0-60 psig and 0-120 psig.  Maximum supply pressure is 250 psig.  Standard mounting allows for pipe, bracket or through body direct.  Temperature limits range from 0º to 160º F (-18º to 71º C).  Flow capacity is 22 scfm at 100 psig supply with 20 psig output.  Exhaust capacity is 0.1 scfm with downstream 5 psig above set point.  Air consumption is less than 5 scfh.  Effect of Supply Variation is less than 0.2 psig for 25 psig change.  The Type-330 Compact Instrument Air Filter Regulator weighs 1.2 lb.


S PECI F ICATIONS • Port Size In/Out/Gauge: 1/4" NPT • Output Ranges: 0-30 psig (0-2 BAR), 0-60 psig (0-4 BAR), 0-120 psig (0-8 BAR) • Maximum Supply Pressure: 250 psig (17 BAR) • Mounting : Pipe, bracket or through body direct • Filter : 40 micron (optional 5 micron) • Flow Capacity : 22 scfm (37 m3/hr) at 100 psig (7 BAR) supply with 20 psig(1.4 BAR) output • Exhaust Capacity : 0.1 scfm (0.2 m3/hr) with downstream pressure 5 psig (0.3 BAR) above set point • Sensitivity : 1" of water • Air Consumption : Less than 5 scfh (0.2 m3/hr) • Effect of Supply: Less than 0.2 psig (0.01 BAR) for • Pressure Variation: 25 psig (1.7 BAR) change • Temperature Limits : 0° to 160° F (-18° C to 71° C) • Weight : 1.2 lb (0.45 kg
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