Air Gun Offers a Targeted Approach


Pro One has been awarded with two design awards; Red Dot Product Award and International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The air gun is one of the most used tools in production environments, but it unfortunately also creates a number of workplace injuries. The thought behind Pro One is to improve the work environment and minimize the amount of occupational injuries when blowing with compressed air. The air gun is a result of several years of research and close collaboration with the users.


Pro One is a robust hand tool designed for professional industrial use worldwide. The air gun is fitted with a specially designed, patented nozzle in stainless steel. This allows an effective blowing force and a low noise level. The nozzle creates a concentrated jet of air which reduces turbulence, thus enabling a more targeted, effective blowing force. Pro One has a lightweight, slim design. The ergonomic handle allows several different grips to make work easier and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.


Pro One is approved by SUVA and meets OSHA’s requirements for blowing with compressed air.

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