Air Pear FanCenter Management


Facility managers can now take full, wireless remote control of their building’s air destratification system with FanCenter Management®, the newest product innovation from Airius LLC in Longmont, CO. FanCenter is the latest technology companion to the Air Pear Thermal Equalizer®, the most efficient and cost-effective destratification fan system, now in use at thousands of commercial, industrial, public and retail facilities. Businesses across the U.S. and overseas install the Air Pear system not only because of the 15 to 30 percent energy savings it can deliver by reducing the run time of HVAC  systems, but also due to its easy, plug-and-play installation into ceilings from 8 to 100 feet high. 

Now, FanCenter provides a wireless networked control over each individual fan in any Air Pear EL system installation. Six models of the Air Pear are available to balance and destratify overall temperature from floor to ceiling in any working environment, with fans designed to cover 400 to 2,500 square feet depending on ceiling height. “We developed FanCenter after listening to our customers and hearing how they would put a wireless remote control to work to maximize the benefits of our Air Pear system,” said Ray Avedon, chief executive officer of Airius LLC. “FanCenter saves time and saves money as an energy management tool that’s so simple you can even operate it from your smart phone.” 

FanCenter, for the first time, allows a facility manager: 

  • To have local or remote web-based access from any personal computer or Internet-enabled wireless device to the entire Air Pear fan system. The system gives managers 24-hour access to check on the system from their office, on the road or even from their home.
  • To adjust the Air Pear fans to run at different speeds, different times of the day or night, and, of course, simple on and off remote command.
  • To set any of the fans to turn on or off to a user-defined schedule, depending on a building’s occupancy or events. 
  • To reverse the fan in each Air Pear Thermal Equalizer for improved maintenance by blowing out any dirt or dust buildups. 
  • To receive error reporting that sends alerts, including by email. 
  • To manage multiple sites via a web portal. 

FanCenter provides a two-way street of data and information to managers and can be tied into any facility’s existing Building Automation System, or BAS. Using specific sensors or data loggers, FanCenter can be programmed, for example, to track temperature of the air at ceiling level, the most efficient run times for each fan or speed of the air movement around each Air Pear. With real-time data in hand, facility managers can maximize the efficiency and energy-saving capabilities of the Air Pear Thermal Equalization system throughout their building.


  • wireless remote control
  • 15 to 30 percent energy savings
  • balance and destratify overall temperature

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