Air Scissor Lift


EnKon Systems, Herkules Equipment Corporation’s new brand name for scissor lifts, manufactures the  A-Series A1300 Air Lift which is light weight and extremely unique.   As part of EnKon’s  A-Series Lift product line, the A1300 provides tremendous flexibility by allowing the user to purchase needed components for the initial application and can then purchase other optional components if the application changes.   

A platform, rotate, tilt, casters, and other optional components are available to add to the lift for improving ergonomics at any time, offering solutions for hundreds of different applications.  The lift’s low cost and low cost options reduce equipment expenses for the long term.   

The A-Series A1300 Lift is ideal for improving ergonomics and productivity by raising pallets or containers to the perfect height, from 9” to 42”, so workers do not need to strain and bend while unloading or loading material.  The lift is virtually maintenance-free, with no messy fluids or costly cylinders to replace.  Capacity is 3000 lbs. The A-Series lifts’ power source, Herkules’ Air Bag™ technology, provides a patented direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating stress on the scissors, minimizing wear and maintenance.  The lifting motion is smooth and stable.  The heavy-duty air bags are built for rugged daily use giving facilities a lifetime of trouble-free operation.


  • Capacity is 3000 lbs
  • 9” to 42” lifting height
  • lifting motion is smooth and stable

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