Air/Water Heat Exchangers


Air/water heat exchangers are ideal for use in a broad range of manufacturing applications including harsh, aggressive environments. These heat exchangers are virtually maintenance-free when integrated with a central chiller system or chilled water supply. There are no filters to change, condenser coils to clean or refrigerant to check or refill.


The air/water heat exchangers provide unparalleled efficiency at ambient temperatures from 1 to 70°C (34 to 158°F). A closed system that circulates only clean air internal to the cabinet, this cooling technology is compliant with enclosure NEMA 12 rating, ensuring protection against dust and direct streams of water. These heat exchangers provide a wide cooling output range of 300 to 5,000 W for every application need.


The air/water heat exchangers are available with either the standard Basic Controller or an optional Comfort Controller. The basic unit controls and monitors functions such as temperature control, leak detection, and fault signal contact. The comfort controller also offers a temperature display on the unit, a master-slave function, remote diagnosis, and two fault signal contacts.

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