AIRLANCO has introduced a new dual-purpose unloading system for safely and efficiently emptying commodities from storage facilities. The AIRLANCO AIRAUGER System can be installed in new or existing storage units and uses both pitched flooring and air to unload product safely and reliably – entirely without bin entry. All mechanical equipment is installed outside the bin for safety and ease of service. The AIRAUGER System also provides bin aeration: It distributes air uniformly throughout the stored commodity by utilizing the same ductwork and fans used during unloading operations. AIRAUGER installation begins by constructing metal troughs tailored to the shape and size of the storage bin and attaching them to the concrete bin floor. In existing storage, special preparation of the original concrete base is required. Transitions installed through the bin wall connect the troughs to exterior ductwork. Precision perforated decking, utilizing proprietary AIRLANCO technology, is placed on top of the troughs, after the raised and sloped concrete ridges have been constructed between the troughs. When complete, the concrete ridges in the floor slope toward the perforated decking, as hills slope toward valleys. Both the concrete floor and perforated steel decking also slope toward discharge points. All mechanical components are installed outside the storage unit to make maintenance and service easy and safe. An externally mounted AIRLANCO Centrifugal Fan sized for the application provides the high-pressure air that passes through the ducting and flows through the perforated interior decking to fluidize or aerate the stored commodity. The pitch in the floor and ridges is calculated to equal or exceed the angle of repose of the stored commodity to keep it flowing during unloading as the incoming air fluidizes and moves stored product down the decking to the discharge point. The AIRAUGER System unloads even the smallest amounts of product that conventional augers normally leave behind. AIRLANCO’s direct-drive Centrifugal Fans provide the high static pressures required for unloading and aeration. A rugged steel housing and non-overloading, vibration-proof fan wheel enhance performance and durability. Butterfly valves modulate the air stream during AIRAUGER unloading. Low power consumption combined with generous air delivery result in a low-cost, efficient system that can handle demanding conditions.
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