Airguide System Prevents Contamination


Electronic tablet counters in the Pharmafill line feature a proprietary Airguide System that automatically sets the tablets, capsules, pills, gelcaps and other solid dosage forms onto a single layer and guides their flow from the hopper into the center of the counting mechanism. Precisely directing the airflow based on the pill height, the Airguide System maintains a predetermined distance between each pill for proper presentation to the counting sensor, achieving consistent accuracy rates of 99.99 percent at peak production rates. Stoppages to address counting errors and to clear blockages are virtually eliminated.


Powered by the company's self-contained, low-pressure, high-volume, regenerative AS1 air supply blower, the pneumatic Airguide System eliminates the use of mechanical diverters and their lubricants to prevent contamination and safeguard product quality. A built-in, double air filter ensures the air is free from oil and water vapor as an additional sanitary safeguard.


The Airguide System is manufactured at the company's Wall, New Jersey, headquarters and comes standard on both the Pharmafill TC3 automatic tablet/capsule counter and the TC4 automatic, tabletop pill counter. The Airguide may be adjusted based on the size, shape and weight of the solid dosage form while the counting machine is running without disrupting operation.

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