ALERE® Manufacturing v9.2 Supports Traits and More


TIW Technology is pleased to announce the release of ALERE® Manufacturing v9.2 as their premier, high-end MRP solution. Among the many new attributes found in ALERE Manufacturing v9.2, is the expanded support for lots, serial numbers and traits that match the capabilities found in ALERE Accounting. This latest enhancement employs an innovative Treevision™ color-coded arrangement for displaying and filtering ID data on the ID tab on the work order screen. This TIW trademarked technology affords quick and easy access to the ID information of any components used in manufacturing a given item. ALERE Manufacturing v9.2 has many other new features and refinements to benefit the end-user. A few these would include: • Export single level bills of material to Excel with the click of a button or import a BOM from Excel using the new Import utility • Remove items posted to inventory and return them to the work order as if nothing had happened with the Reverse FG Transactions function • Serialized items may be reworked by issuing them to a work order, doing the work and then returning them to inventory • Instantly access inventory item information from the Work Order Material tab by just double left-clicking on it ALERE Manufacturing is a comprehensive, sophisticated and powerful product. The ALERE feature set will help users to realize economies in time and effort in several areas including: • Easily and graphically create multilevel modular/variable BOMs that can include images • Optimize available shop floor capacity via the 3D graphical analysis • Streamline workflow with mass release and completion of work order functions • Monitor labor, material and machine costs and usage • Instant access to information located anywhere within the product with the powerful Data Browser and Fetch functions
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