Alkaline Soak Cleaners Brochure


New literature from Madison Chemical details their alkaline soak cleaners and other products for hot dip galvanizing operations in new full-color literature.  Unlike 100% caustic soda, these Madison formulations include wetting agents that lower the surface tension of the use-solution and allow it to penetrate the cracks in the layers of scale more quickly and to a greater degree. As the pickling acid penetrates, chemical reactions occur which adds to a more efficient scale removal.  In addition to alkaline soak cleaners which consume less acid and form fewer iron salts, this comprehensive 2-page brochure details additional galvanizing products including acid pickle inhibitors, flux tank additives and foam blanket additives for acid pickle tank. Full support provided by numerous levels of Madison technical personnel is outlined as is the company’s innovative solution-oriented approach. This new literature, and Madison Chemical products, are ideal for hot dip galvanizing facilities of all sizes.

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