All-In-One Ceiling Fan for Drop Ceilings


With payback periods frequently in the range of one to three years, building managers are finding that small, quiet and efficient destratification fans from ZOO Fans are an excellent way to make their buildings more comfortable—in hot and cold weather—while saving both money and energy. Now ZOO Fans has extended their product line to include an all-in-one fan for suspended ceilings that is quick and easy to install and incorporates a highly efficient, EnergyStar®–rated motor. The IC20 Drop-In fan is designed specifically for drop ceiling (T-bar) spaces with ceiling heights from 8 feet to 20 feet. The patent-pending diffuser has an integrated jet ball exhaust that is easy to adjust to direct the airflow.

Variable speed controls make it simple to dial-in comfort—one-to-one, in zones, manually or automatically.  This innovative fan system also includes a low-profile isolation plenum so it will not compromise above-ceiling air or HVAC return plenums. The entire unit easily replaces a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile and installs with less than 18” clearance top-to-bottom.

ZOO fans operate independently of other HVAC systems and gently mix the air to eliminate hot and cold spots in the Zone Of Occupancy near the floor, where the people are. By delivering hot and cold conditioned air to the floor and improving overall circulation, thermostats are satisfied more quickly and HVAC systems run less.  Building managers can actually turn the thermostat down in the winter and up 4-5° in the summer and still deliver noticeable improvements in comfort.  By eliminating wasteful overheating and overcooling, ZOO fans also deliver significant savings.  

“With the addition of the IC20, ZOO Fans offers a quick and easy strategy for improving comfort in offices, conference rooms, clinics—any space with a suspended ceiling—and the best news is that it’s quickly paid for with energy savings,” said Jeff Benton, ZOO Fans’ president. “In addition to our other fan systems for suspended ceilings, this model extends the range of drop-ceiling heights we can address from 45’ to as low as 8’, delivering the same benefits we have provided for years in warehouses, distribution centers, aircraft hangars and other spaces with open ceilings.  The streamlined design offers seamless integration into existing drop-ceiling infrastructure without the need for expensive alterations to the existing HVAC system,” said Benton.


  • easy to adjust to direct the airflow
  • variable speed controls
  • installs with less than 18” clearance top-to-bottom

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