All-in-One Portable Fluid Recycling System Brochure


A new brochure from Eriez® HydroFlow® features the cutting-edge SumpDoc® mobile inline fluid and recycling system. As explained in the literature, this revolutionary system provides quick and hassle-free cleaning and rejuvenation of a machine’s coolant without causing a production stoppage. The six-page, full-color brochure offers a complete overview of the equipment and its many features. It describes SumpDoc in operation and covers product specifications.  Photos illustrate the interior workings of this innovative recycling system, with captions describing each component and its function.

The literature depicts SumpDoc’s simple three-phase process. It explains that phase one is vacuum sump cleaning, phase two is solid particulate and tramp oil removal and the final phase is coolant regeneration. “If you are interested in discovering a faster, easier and more cost-effective method for maintaining your cutting fluids, download this free brochure today to learn more about SumpDoc,” says Barry Nehls, General Manager-HydroFlow. “Then, give us a call to discuss how we can incorporate SumpDoc into your process to immediately reduce your coolant bills, eliminate wasted labor and reduce downtime.”

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