All-in-One Tower Fill Cleaner


Goodway Technologies announces the launch of the TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner which provides a complete all-in-one system for cleaning lime scale, debris and biological matter from your cooling tower fill. The TFC-200 is simple to use combining Goodway’s innovative chemical solutions and pump technology to dissolve scale deposits, increase water flow and slow dangerous biological build up.

Removing scale is a three step process that is as easy as performing an initial rinse, applying Goodway’s ScaleBreak®- Gel cleaner which will penetrate the fill and then switching to the turbo nozzle high volume mode to rinse away the foam and debris. There’s no need to remove fill; the TFC-200 is a clean in place solution that can be done at the tower location. Towers are left looking great and performing even better.

There are also potential health implications by choosing not to perform cleaning on the cooling tower. Systems that are dirty are more likely to harbor deadly bacteria such as Legionella. It’s an important reason to clean cooling towers at least twice a year and visually inspect equipment on a monthly basis. The TFC-200 will help reduce these health risks and achieve maximum cooling tower performance.



  • All-in-one system, compact and portable, can be used virtually anywhere
  • Designed to use TowerShine® or ScaleBreak-Gel, the unique scale cleaner that clings to all surfaces for maximum scale busting performance
  • Includes all wand extensions and nozzles for hard-to-reach areas
  • Heavy-duty, chemical resistant components and dolly
  • Internal compartment holds one standard 5-gallon chemical container
  • Hose, wand and tool holders
  • All-in-One Tower Fill Cleaner
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