Allows a maximum shielding gas flow rate to be locked


US patent 7,462,799 was granted in December 2008 for a device that allows a maximum shielding gas flow rate to be locked on most popular welding flowmeters. This prevents excess gas flow settings that are wasteful and create a turbulent shield causing air to be pulled into the gas stream. Customers report overall gas savings exceeding 30% with improved weld quality when using the product. WA Technology President, Jerry Uttrachi, indicates their flowmeter tests show most flowmeter brands are capable of flowing over 125 CFH. Any MIG shielding gas flow setting over about 50 to 55 CFH just pulls air into the shielding stream causing weld quality problems. “It’s common to find some flowmeters in a shop with the flow indicator ball pinned to the top of the tube,” says Uttrachi. “In some cases we’ve measured over 125 CFH flow; often a surprise to the management. This fairly common observation and management frustration lead to this innovative product.” The device mounts without any alterations to the flowmeter and is simply to use. First set the desired maximum flow rate. The “Flow Rate Limiter” then clamps over the flow control knob by tightening a set screw preventing increases from the set level. Welders can still reduce flow if the application dictates. A key locking system assures maximum settings are maintained. The device is usable on gas cylinder regulator/flowmeters or pipeline supply flowmeters.
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