Versatile, convenient and cost-effective, Factory Frame and Pipe Frame Systems include all components required to assemble strong, durable storage racks and shelves, mobile carts, in-plant pallets, and more. Both systems are fully configurable, offering users a convenient, cost-effective option for creating a wide array of temporary and permanent storage units, mobile conveyors and other equipment suitable for use in industrial, retail and commercial environments. Misumi’s innovative system-based approach to its Factory Frame and Pipe Systems allows users to design, configure and assemble units to meet their exact application requirements, with all components included in a single purchase order and deliverable within a short period of time. Aluminum Factory Frame Systems Compared with conventional pipe frames, Misumi’s aluminum alloy Factory Frames are designed to offer improved squareness at assembly by setting the frame dents securely in the joint tabs. So there is no need to “fix” several frames at a time, which enables easier assembly without the various parts twisting out of alignment. In addition, assemblers can make fine adjustments to each separate frame without disturbing adjacent or completed frames. Misumi’s new Factory Frame pipes include: · FFA (length dimension configurable from 60 to 4000 mm) · FFAKS (4000 mm fixed length, 5 pieces per pack) Both products feature Aluminum Alloy construction with a Clear Anodized surface finish. For assembly, Misumi offers a wide range of Aluminum Alloy Joints in various configurations. Accessory parts for the Aluminum Factory Frame System include saddles, inner caps, pipe stand, adjusting bolt sets and casters. Shipping time for the Factory Frame Pipes is three (3) days. Stainless Steel Pipe Frame Systems A new line of Stainless Steel Pipe Frames, Joints and Accessory Parts has been added to Misumi’s comprehensive family of metal pipe systems. The new Stainless Steel Pipe products include: · PFSUS (length dimension configurable from 60 to 2400 mm) · PFSUSKS (4000 mm fixed length, 5 pieces per set) Both products feature 430 Stainless Steel construction. Clear directions for calculating frame dimensions are provided in Misumi’s print or E-Catalog.
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