Aluminum Enclosure Provides EMI/RFI Protection


Bud's new ANS Series EMI/RFI waterproof enclosure has a unique double-channel sealing system that enables breakthroughs in shielding, watertightness, and price. Unlike competing enclosures that offer an EMI/RFI seal using metal-to-metal contact in part of the box lid, the ANS Series uses a continuous EMI/RFI gasket around the entire perimeter of the box to provide a higher level of protection. A second gasket, made of long-lasting, one-piece silicone, reliably seals out dust and moisture. This seal is enhanced by numerous screws outside the sealing area that assure a uniformly tight seal and help the enclosure meet the exceptional IP67 standard (submersible up to 30 minutes). The innovative design with distinctive screw hips and wide lips offers a dramatic advantage in cost: up to 50 percent less than the leading comparable aluminum enclosures.

EMI/RFI shielding is of growing importance because of the increased proximity of sensitive electronics in equipment designs. Bud's new enclosure makes cost-affordable EMI/RFI protection available for washdown and outdoor applications including solar, medical, military, avionics, industrial and instrumentation systems. The Bud ANS Series enclosure is made from #ADC-12 aluminum using thick wall (0.098 inch, 2.5 mm) construction that provides strength and rigidity for heavy duty applications yet is lighter weight and lower cost than stainless steel enclosures. Available in 18 sizes ranging from 2.83 x 2.64 x 1.53 inches to 9.45 x 6.30 x 3.35 inches, the boxes are easily machined and modified. Bud is more willing than some enclosure manufacturers to make modifications, such as custom cutouts that allow for cable entry.


  • uses a continuous EMI/RFI gasket
  • made from #ADC-12 aluminum
  • uniformly tight seal
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