Aluminum MIG, Push-Pull Wire Feeder Improves Point-Of-Use Programmability & Control


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces its new XR-S Control and XR-D Control wire feeders, featuring upgraded functionality and performance for a wide variety of aluminum MIG, Pulsed MIG and extended reach welding applications. The XR-S and XR-D Controls replace the previous XR Control wire feeder, providing a differentiated set of features and benefits to meet the needs of basic and advanced aluminum MIG applications.
Weighing under 43 pounds, the XR-S and XR-D Controls provide a highly portable solution for working up to 135 feet from the welding power source. An A/C variable speed, high torque “push” motor responds in real time to the gun-mounted DC “pull” motor to provide true push-pull performance. This allows the welding wire to virtually “float” through the liner, overcoming bends and extreme angles when working in and around large weldments.
Both units also feature adjustable run-in control for better arc starts with less stubbing and longer consumables life, as well as jog/purge functions that allow the wire and gas to be run without making the gun live. A trigger hold feature, common to both the XR-S and XR-D, reduces operator fatigue on large weldments by allowing the operator to weld without having to hold the trigger.
Both units are compatible with air- or water-cooled guns and operate with any of Miller’s XR™-series push-pull MIG guns. They can be used with any Miller power source with a 14-pin connector and 24 VAC power, such as the Deltaweld® DC/CV MIG welder, Dimension®-series and XMT® 350 multi-process welders or the Trailblazer® series of welding generators. Both models include drive rolls for .035 and 3/64 wire sizes.
XR-S control
    Offering a simple, intuitive design and basic functionality, the XR-S Control provides a digital wire feed speed display, allowing the user to easily see and accurately adjust wire feed speed with the turn of a dial.
    An adjustable run-in control function provides reliable arc starts with very little stubbing and popping by gradually ramping up the wire feed speed until it reaches the desired full speed.
    The XR-S provides the option of using or not using a .2 second pre-flow shielding gas coverage and 3.5 second post-flow coverage, allowing the user to select whether or not initial atmospheric shielding and protection from crater cracking are needed. The unit comes preset with pre-flow turned on and post-flow turned off.

XR-D Control
    For increased accuracy and point-of-use control, the XR-D Control provides digital programming capabilities for improved performance in more advanced applications.
    Welders who frequently work at significant distances from the power source will benefit from the point-of-use remote voltage control, which allows welders to adjust voltage levels at the feeder rather than the power source.
Programmable pre- and post-flow settings allow increased control to accommodate a wider range of welding applications and materials. Users welding thick sections of aluminum, for example, can choose a longer post flow setting to provide extended protection from crater cracking as the weld pool takes longer to cool.
Manual start and crater control features allow the user to gradually ramp up and ramp down the weld parameters at the beginning and end of the weld, providing additional control for fine tuning the bead profile and reducing cold lap, crater cracking and consumables costs.

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